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AcroDance Classes


acro classes in MACenter for the Performing Arts' Acro classes focus on gymnastics and acrobatic movement. Starting with our Tots class and moving through each level, our students will continue to build on strength for skills, develop tumbling tricks, and work on a variety of other skills.

CPA Acro teachers have received training from certified Gymnastics coaches. Select teachers are also certified in AcroDance from Acrobatic Arts.

Students will have the option to participate in both the winter & spring recitals.

A leotard is suggested for our Acro classes, but any comfortable clothing is allowed. All students must have bare feet for safety reasons.

CPA has a retail store with all of your leotard and dancewear. We carry a full line of Revolution dance and footwear, and a few products from select brands. For safety reasons, all students must have bare feet in Acro class.


Acro/Hip Hop Combo

A true introduction to gymnastics and acrobatic movement. Acro/Hip Hop Combo focuses on strength development, basic gymnastic skills, and tumbling tricks, while incorporating basic hip hop moves. There will be no barre or beam.

Basic, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Acro Dance

Students should pick the level they are most comfortable with:

Beginner I
Appropriate for ages 4-7, this class introduces basic acro moves and starts allowing students to do skills on their own

Beginner II
Appropriate for ages 5-9, this class is for students who have completed beginner acro or have knowledge of basic acro skills.

In order to enroll in Beginner II students need to have the following skills:
- backbends (going down from standing and pulling up)
- Working on headstands and handstands
- Cartwheel

Intermediate I

In order to enroll in Intermediate I students must have the following skills:
- Front and back limbers
- Walkovers with little assistance
- 1 armed cartwheel

Intermediate II

In order to enroll in Intermediate II students must have the following skills:
- Front walkover variation (either 1 arms or switch split)
- Front handspring with little assistance OR running front limber to progress to hanspring
- Back walkover landing on 1 leg

Our Advanced Acro class is for students ages 11 and up who can do walkovers, handsprings, and handstands unassisted and want to work on tucks, aerials, and combination passes.


acrobatics and dance classes in North Andover, MA

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